Keller Apiary

Sunnyvale, California


In 2003 some honeybees took up residence in our front wall.  We had no idea how many bees were in there until we opened the wall in September 2004 and moved them into beehives.  Now we keep two hives in our backyard.  We've learned a lot and our happy honeybees keep the neighborhood's plants pollinated while they provide us with endless enjoyment and a quantity of delicious honey every season.  Contact us to purchase some or to reserve your holiday orders.

Here are some pictures of the bees in the wall in 2004  
About Bee Stings

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Some new pictures
from inside the brood chamber:

New eggs

Capped &
larvae, with nursery bees

Slide show - Our very first honey extraction

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 Click here to see the Queen (photo taken October 8, 2005)


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