Some of My Favorite Recipes
Jay Keller - Sunnyvale, California

Cooking has long been a favorite hobby, and I once worked for 6 months as a dessert chef in a winery.  Here are some recipes I'd like to share:

bullet Vanilla Sauce   Very quick. Serve it over Apple Pie - wow!
bullet Hummus   Try making this for your next office pot luck.  Make a lot!
bullet Poached Pears   Elegant, delicious, fat-free!
bullet Stuffed Pork Chops   Hearty meat-lover's delight.
bullet The REAL New York City Egg Cream   Accept no substitutes!
bullet Blackberry Cobbler   It doesn't get any better than this!
bullet Baked Salmon with Lime Dill Cream   My latest!
bullet California Bruschetta  Ooh, baby!
bullet Corn Pepper Barbeque Soup  Grilled soup!
bulletFrench Onion Soup  a/k/a Soupe a L'oignon au gratin.  With apologies to Julia Child!
bulletEggplant Casserole with Beef   I don't particularly care for Moussaka so I make this similar dish instead, which I love!

Please visit again, I have more recipes on the way!

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