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Our system - which I started building about a year ago, is a living-room system rather than a true home theater.  Not being able to always control ambient light and seating position, I decided to go with a direct-view display rather than a rear-projection, even though it meant giving up some screen size.  The Sony Wega always looks great, in any light, no matter where you sit.  I'm thrilled with the sound from the combination of equipment I've chosen.  I especially love DTS, the sound quality amazes me.  I've yearned for a Velodyne subwoofer since the first time I heard one, and I recently added the new HGS-15 servo-controlled 15-incher.  This made an incredible improvement to the overall movie experience.  My current favorite demo material is the ending tank battle in Saving Private Ryan.  Click on the pix...

[left cabinet]
Left cabinet

[My system]
Full system view
and description

[right cabinet]
Right cabinet

(click on images to see a larger view)

 Audio (left cabinet)

 Video (right cabinet)

DD/DTS/DSP Receiver - Yamaha RX-V2095
CD - Sony CDP-CX250 200-disc changer
Tape - Sony TCR-303
Vinyl - Sony PS-FL7II, Shure V15HR

DisplaySony Wega KV36-XBR200
- Sony SLV-R1000
Sony EVS-7000
- Pioneer Elite DVL-91

 Remote Control Marantz RC2000 Mark II
Read my review at AudioReview.Com

 Wires Monster Cable

 Speaker Systems:

 Mains: Boston Acoustics TX-830 3-way towers
 Center: Boston Acoustics V-12R
 Front Effects: Bose AM-15
Rear Surrounds: Bose AM-15 (ceiling-mounted, not shown)
 Subwoofer: Velodyne HGS-15
(in left equipment rack at bottom, underneath turntable)
     Read my review at
    Read my review at AudioReview.Com

(Stay tuned for more pictures and reviews of these components)
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