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This page needs to be updated...   I am currently shooting with a Nikon D7000 since November 2011.

I've been a Nikon fan for many years, and my trusty 8008 35mm once served me well, I shot several hundred rolls of film with it.  Check out my solar eclipse photos from 1991.  My everyday standard lens was the Nikkor 35-105mm.  Other Nikon lenses I own and used with this camera were the AF 300mm f/4, AF 50mm f/1.8, AF 20mm f/4 and the incredible AF 105mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor.  I also like the Nikon teleconverters, I used the 1.4x and the 2x with the 300mm to shoot birds and such.  Another really cool Nikon product is the "lens scope converter", which converts a lens into a telescope.  With the 2 teleconverters on the 300mm lens, the rings of Saturn can be seen quite easily, it adds up to an 84 power telescope with pretty good optics.  

I took the plunge to digital photography in June 1998, with the Nikon CoolPix 900.  I replaced it in September '99 with the CoolPix 950, which I considered a pretty nice piece of machinery.  Nikon managed to address many of my concerns in their second-generation offering .  In addition, they increased the resolution and added a bunch of other cool features.  They once again scored a success with the CoolPix 990, the third generation consumer offering.  I got mine in April 2000 and I still have it, although it hasn't been used lately, since I moved to their digital SLRs.

Nikon CoolPix 990 Digital Camera

[Coolpix 990]

In 2003 I advanced to the next level and bought the D100, Nikon's first pro-sumer digital SLR.  This one  blew me away at first, until I later replaced it with the D70 in 2004. While it's not a bullet-proof professional camera like the D1 or D2, it has what it takes to make use of the the Nikon system of accessories, it handles well, and it takes great pictures.  For me, thee cameras gave me back the feel of a "real" camera, and let me once again use all my lenses.  Plus, the image quality is now back in the big leagues.  But now I've moved on, and I just got my Nikon D2X.  This is my dream camera, and I am still dreaming.  I'll write more when I've had a chance to learn it and use it for a while.

For now let it suffice for me to say that I've loved just about every Nikon camera I've ever owned!

Nikon D100 Digital Camera Nikon D70 Digital Camera Nikon D2x Digital Camera

My favorite lens is the Nikkor AF-S 17-55mm f/2.8G DX.  What a sharpie!

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Nikon 8008
(click on image to enlarge)

This photograph of an aerial fireworks shell exploding was taken with the N8008 on July 4, 1991. The 35-105mm lens was zoomed from the wide-angle setting to the telephoto setting during the 1 second exposure.  A Cibachrome print was made and later scanned .



Nikon CoolPix 900 
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Background re-created using Photoshop.



Nikon CoolPix 900
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[Go Sharks!]

San Jose Sharks

Nikon CoolPix 950 (with Nikon 2x Teleconverter)
(click on image to enlarge)

Getting ready to kick some Dallas Stars butt!



Nikon CoolPix 900
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(Click here for another self-portrait, done with Photoshop)



Nikon CoolPix 990
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For more pictures Natalie and our other 2 dachshunds, see my Dogs page


Porcelain Mask

Nikon CoolPix 990
(click on image to enlarge)


Puppy Tongue

Nikon CoolPix 990
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For more pictures of Lucy and our other 2 dachshunds, see my Dogs page


Cruise Ship in Ensenada, Mexico

Nikon CoolPix 990
(click on image to enlarge)


Hawaiian Chieftain

Nikon CoolPix 990
(click on image to enlarge)

Taken from the deck of her sister ship, the Lady Washington, during a mock battle (with cannon-fire) in Santa Cruz, California harbor, in November 2000.


Downtown Seattle, July '04

Nikon D100, 24-85 f/3.5-4.5G Lens
(click on image to enlarge)

This hand-held shot will give you an idea of how much detail is available from a 6 megapixel image with a great camera and lens.

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