My Solution to the CoolPix 950/990 Lens Cap Problem

The lens cap provided with the Nikon CoolPix 950 and 990 was a big improvement over the bare lens that they shipped with the old CoolPix 900.  But, although the cap has a loop for attaching it to something, Nikon didn't provide anything to attach it to (or with).  After putting the cap in my pocket a few times, it was starting to get dusty and I wasn't too thrilled with the arrangement.  The 990 was slightly better, there's a cord, but still nothing to attach it to, most people seem to loop it around the camera's strap.  Not too pretty, IMHO.  

Here's my solution, fashioned from a length of woven nylon cord and a tiny bit of heat-shrinkable tubing.  I drilled a small hole in the flash-sync cover and inserted the cord.   Melting the end of the cord caused it to have a little bead on the end which secures it to the flash sync cover.  The other end loops through the lens cap with a small piece of shrink tubing securing the loop.  Although this has to be removed whenever you actually do use a flash-sync cord (rarely for me), there's some compensation - the nearly-microscopic flash-sync cover is now a lot less likely to get lost with the lens cap tied to it.  I've done this to two cameras now, it serves me very well.




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Last update: October 21, 1999
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