My Poem after
September 11

[my mug] Hello!
This picture didn't always look like me!
Find out why...
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Jay Keller  Sunnyvale, California

Born in NYC, Live in California
Husband, father of two teens, former hippie, bleeding-heart-liberal, etc.

Senior IT Engineer (Windows, Unix, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.)
Siemens Communications
San Jose, California

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Some of my hobbies/interests:

bulletSome pictures of my turned bowls and other woodworking projects...
bulletHow I broke 3 ribs!
bulletWoodworking links
Eclipse-Watching: Eclipse Reports and Photographs 
Music and Musical Instruments
Cooking: Try a Few of my Favorite Recipes
Dachshunds: Doxie Pictures, etc.  
Microsoft NT/Exchange/BackOffice Technologies
bulletResources for Pursuing Microsoft Certification
bulletNT and Windows links
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Microsoft Certified
Systems Engineer
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